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GLENBAY® - construction chemicals manufacturer.

The products of the GLENBAY® trade mark are widely known in Central Asia. In the Uzbek market GLENBAY® trademark is represented by a wide range of products: hyperplasticizers, superplasticizers, antifreeze additives, air-entraining additives, additives to slow the setting, various components for concrete care and much more. Providing innovative solutions in the ield of building materials production, GLENBAY® brand today is a quality standard in the ield of production of concrete additives, as well as various materials on a cement-concrete basis. In Uzbekistan, consumers of GLENBAY® products are many factories of concrete products and construction companies of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Foreign construction companies of Korea, China, Singapore, Russia and other foreign countries, being our long-term partners widely use the entire list of our products, highly appreciating its quality and technical characteristics.

Since 2008, in partnership with the British company "GLENBAY LP" and the Uzbek company OOO "Perfekt Construction Solution", a joint venture was set up to produce building chemicals under the trademark GLENBAY®.

Currently, OOO "Perfekt Construction Solution” is a leading manufacturer of chemical modiiers for cement systems and provides a wide range of services and advice on issues related to improving the characteristics of concrete, concrete-cement mixtures and reinforced concrete products. We have developed and prepared for production a wide range of additives to concrete and mortar. In accordance with the Resolution of the President of Uzbekistan No.PP-2698 dated December 26th, 2016. This company was included into the list of prospective localization projects for the period 2017 -2019. Active work to develop and improve the quality of our products allowed our Company to make maximum use of the raw material base of Uzbekistan, thereby reducing the cost price and increasing the competitiveness of products

In addition to various additives for concrete, the GLENBAY® brand also offers its customers a wide range of products for construction: waterprooing systems (including building foundation waterprooing systems), pipe and pipe insulation systems, thermal insulation systems, polyurethane and polyurea based products, dry building mixtures and other materials.

All products have passed the necessary tests in state certiication bodies and comply with international quality standards: GOST 24211-2008, ASTM, DIN.

As one of the recognized leaders in the production of building materials, Glenbay brand builders gained recognition around the world.

Our products are of high quality, extend the service life of industrial and civil construction facilities, increase the safety of erected structures, save energy resources, and help transform the appearance of inished and newly constructed facilities. Our specialists render consultations for customers and contractors, provide technical support in the course of practical application of the products manufactured by our company.

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